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05 June 2006 @ 04:41 pm
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05 June 2006 @ 04:38 pm
For the leisure reading and for reference purposes, the bar owners have decided to chronicle the happenings at Vivid Eve, seperating them by chapters. Chapters are made according to when the bar "Opens" and "Closes".

These posts had been made in the 2nd Vivid Eve thread.

Chapter 1
19 May 2006 @ 09:31 am
This is where you can find the listing of the Staff of Vivid Eve.

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11 May 2006 @ 08:30 am
Flickering Ember

Our gossip-monggers have found a possible romance blooming within the depths of a certain female Turk employee. Sources say that she has initiated the courting process the moment she laid eyes on the man. There is no doubt that the profusion of gift giving was the sign of her love for the mystery person.

Will the mystery person accept this Turk's feelings or would he merely reject her? Will a possible office romance bloom between the people involved or will this remain and ember of thought? At the moment, we can only watch and see its progression.
25 April 2006 @ 02:04 pm
Clandestine Rendesvouz?

After visiting the Vivid Eve Restobar, Rufus J. ShinRa Vice President of ShinRa Incorporated and Commander of the TURKs was found missing. Sources say that two men cornered him, drugged him and then stowed him away in a car leaving several pieces of clues. Before that happened, second in command, Rude received a call from the perpetartors. This event can clearly attest that the TURKs have slacken their security measures.

The reasons for kidnapping are unknown but sources attest to something; one of the perpetrators, before drugging the VP, was said to have been debating with him. Here was a recorded log of the said conversation:

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Our sources may have recorded the wrong people in the right time but nonetheless, the voices seem familiar and clear. At the moment, the said writer is looking for clues to attest to this information's verity. As for you, readers, it is for you to decide.

Mission: Look for wine bottle?

During the abduction of Vice President Rufus ShinRa, next in command, Rude took all the measures of tracking down the perpetrators in hopes to find the Vice President. He has employed all the TURKs available to do so. Although the mission was a success, a certain employee looked for something far important than his employer; an 1800 Vintage Wine. Could this be that there is a TURK far worse than Reno? Reportedly, Kazuya Disraeli, Task Master, has given him due punishment: working in the Vivid Eve Resto Bar wearing a pink fluffy apron! In addition, he has to clean the toilet.

What a dirty business.

The Task Master's True Identity

In the heat of the squirmish, a certain TURK employee has allegedly addressed the Task Master, Kazuya Disraeli, as Zakuya. Could this mean that Kazuya's real name was changed because Zakuya sounded bad? Or was the registry paid to change it to something far more logical?

In my opinion, I think Zakuya sounds cool.

April 24

The Return of the Ice Emperor?

There have been many a sighting of an excessively tall man in the upper plate rather recently. People describe him as stark white and in possession of silver hair. Some of the witnesses actually mistook him for Sephiroth. But whether he was Sephiroth or not, there was a thin mist following the man and his 3 other companions. Some ShinRa employees however believe that this man was their previous Head of Security, Head of Mako Research, and Task Master before Kazuya Disraeli came to be in charge. What could his return mean? Does he see something wrong with how the Turks are being run now? Or does it mean something else altogether?

April 23
Bar Owner Status: devioussmirk
25 April 2006 @ 01:09 pm
April 20
A Man's Consternation

After the "screw-up" of the first mission given by Commander and Vice President Rufus Shin-Ra things have gone into hiatus. Rumor has it that he has been tendering missions with an S-class difficulty for the new recruits so they may prove their competence. Hopefully, this is only a rumor. If this comes into realization, Shin-Ra may just have unleashed an effective genocidal technique in proving their efficiency and power to rule the whole of Gaea...
Aside from that, our sources have revealed a titilating gossip about our Godly Commander. Despite the numerous accounts of being mobbed and pined over by various women, the Vice President of Shin-Ra Incorporated has chosen to be single. Sources say that Rufus Shin-Ra's state of singularity is due to the fact that he is gay! Is this true? Are the rumors irrevocable? This is for you to decide.

April 19
Mission: Peter Pan Musical?

Our sources have sited an almost shocking (if not funny) debacle as they recorded the coverage of the Shin-Ra Incorporated happenings.

"At first I thought it was an unleashed Bahamut summon, but when I took a closer look it was more like a man in a suit flying after a helicopter!" from Asswad Periwinkle

These events were not exactly witnessed by the said reporter. But as far as the rumor mill is concerned, this is a one time only event which struck our sources' heart. Peter Pan without strings. A musical or not?